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TitanXD Broadcast System


The TitanXD Broadcast Series is a fixed-mounted end-to-end camera system that comes with everything you need to transform your sports venue into a pro-style live broadcast location.

TitanXD Steel Case

The weatherproof galvanized steel-encased TitanXD system mounts securely to any pole or crossbar, making it possible to capture any sports action up close. The system is remote controlled so there is no need for a camera operator. 

Shock Absorbing Cover

Once the camera box is mounted, this weatherproof neoprene rubber cover reduces direct ball impacts. The sunshade reduces glare during sunrise and sunsets and protects from rain.

TitanXD Camera System

Video Streaming App

With the Gamecast Streaming web app you're in control, fully remote. No installation required. Schedule games, configure broadcast destinations like YouTube, Twitch and Game Changer. Stream to multiple channels at once.

  • Engineered with a state-of-the-art High-Def broadcast camera, encased in a nearly bulletproof housing.

  • The galvanized metal case is covered with an impact-reducing, weatherproof neoprene cover

  • 360 degrees adjustable heavy-duty pole clamp. (Fits all standard sport venue fence poles)

  • End-to-end streaming configuration. Super easy to setup.

  • GameChanger compatible or stream to any social platform such as Twitch, Facebook, YouTube etc.

  • Shatterproof optical dome shield

  • Theft and vandalism prevention

  • Easy installation, in under an hour

  • Lease or purchase options

  • Please email or call us for technical support and consultation ‪(415) 843-1854‬

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