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The TitanXD Camera Broadcast system is a turnkey live streaming platform that includes a High Definition, rugged and weather proof camera, encased with a nearly bullet proof housing.


It includes all the mounting hardware needed to get you up and running in no time.


This system is  capapable of streaming HD quality video to your favorite media channels, such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook etc. Also compatible with the popular scoring app Gamechanger.


Optimized for permanent field installation, the TitanXD Camera System is fully operable remotely from any internet connected device.


Price includes:

- 1 year Streaming Subscription

- Remote assistance in hardware installation

- Remote software assistance and training

- Remote assistance in local router and modem configuration

- 3 months of remote customer service assistance

TitanXD Camera Broadcast System

SKU: TitanXD Broadcast System
    • 5 Megapixel IP Camera (2592×1944)
    • Built-in Mic and Speaker
    • Weatherproof, Vandalproof (IP67, IK10)
    • Power Over Ethernet - PoE (Low voltage cable that feeds the camera and transmits data)
    • 110V POE Injector switch
    • Internet connection can be from a cable modem or via a cellular 4G or 5G hotspot modem.
    • Fully operatable remotley from any internet connected device
    • CAT5/6 cable not included
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