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  • Venue Live Preview shows black screen and spinning wheel.
    Sometimes when the internet becomes unstable or drops in and out, you might see this when trying to Live Preview your venue. To fix this, simply click/tap on on Go Live for a second or so, then Stop (Don't go too long, otherwise your followers will get a notification.) This should get your preview video back live.
  • Twitch Music Copyright Tutorial (Per June 2023)
    Many Little Leagues Organizations around the country play walk-up and inning break music through PA systems which is picked up by the Gamecast camera mics and broadcast. If the music used is copyrighted, most published music is, Twitch's algorithms will pick it and flag it to the streaming party by sending an email and highlighting the clip in question. Not to worry! Here's how to deal with this situation. VIDEO PRODUCER Once you stop streaming and Twitch detects copyrighted audio, it will not automatically publish the video. Navigate to the "Producer" section of your Twitch account. PUBLISH "MUTED" CLIP Click "Publish" on the clip that displays 'muted audio'. This will NOT result in a copyright violation. It will simply mute the copyrighted audio for your viewers. Gameplay audio will stay intact during playback. CLIP NOTICE Once you publish the clip and navigate back to your Channel, you'll see a notice like the one below on the clip you just published. Once message is closed the clip will simply display in red, the areas where Twitch detected copyright issues. That's it. Nothing else to worry about. NO STRIKES As you see, Twitch's 'muting' feature will not generate 'copyright strikes'. Without stating the obvious... just don't play copyrighted music if you don't want portions of clips to be muted. PRO TIP: There are many organizations that compile a library of 'cleared' music that is specifically composed to sound like major hits and common songs but don't result in muting. NOTE: The content of this tutorial might contain inaccurate information if Twitch updates its policies without Gamecast's knowledge.
  • How to setup Broadcast Channel for Youtube RTMP
  • I don't see the preview video when I'm in the app and looking at the venue.
    99% of the time the issue is either: 1. Your venue lost power. Check and make sure that all network equipment is powered on and LED lights are visible. 2. The internet is down. That's either because of the power is out or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is down. A common solution to internet connection issues is to restart your modems and routers. (unplug, wait a minute and then plug in and reboot.
  • How do I setup and stream to my team's Twitch channel?
    Create a Twitch account. Pick an ingest point closest to you. Write down the URL (Example: US West , San Francisco: rtmp://{stream_key} Login to Twitch and navigate to ->Producer ->Settings ->Stream -> Copy Primary Stream Key to Clipboard (Example: live_747960179_aCgurbhq3KMhzs0iEHLLHx0ly1uaut Combine the two by adding the Stream Key to the end of the Ingest Point URL, without the curly brackets, so: Combo URL: rtmp:// Do not share this URL outside your organization! This is a unique URL that lets you stream directly to your Twitch account. Make sure you save the Combo URL. Adding the Combo URL to your Gamecast Broadcast Channel Login to Gamecast with your club's credentials: Select the Venue you like to edit Select Broadcast Channel Click Edit Copy and paste YOUR UNIQUE Combo URL from into the Enter RTMP Destination RTMP address field. Click Save The next time you go live, the feed will broadcast to your team's Twitch channel!
  • How do I embed a Twitch stream to a Wix web page?
    Select Twitch Channel -> Click Share -> Embed -> Copy iframe code on bottom Login to Wix -> Select page -> Click + sign “Add” -> choose embed code and select embed HTML Paste iframe code into box. Make sure to replace with your own URL Scale the Box to preferred size and/or update the pixel height or width Publish site. Twitch player will not show a gray 'unhappy' box. Inspect the element You’ll see a second iframe on top of the one you created. It might look like this: Copy this portion: Go back to your iframe code box and add “&”, after first “parent’ code It might look like this: src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" scrolling="no" height="378" width="620"></iframe> Publish page. Voilà!
  • What's my login and where do I login to setup live streaming?
    The login URL is: You need a user ID and password to access your club account. Please reach out to your administrator or email us at
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