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Live Stream Magic

The Gamecast Livestream App comes bundled with the TitanXD broadcast system. It's so easy to configure, even the guy who wrote this copy was able to set it up.

TitanXD Broadcast System comes pre-configured with our streaming software

Mount the camera with one bracket, connect the cables and you're ready to stream games!

Broadcast Anywhere

Livestream to any streaming platform such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook. It even works with scoring platforms like GameChanger.

Game Scheduling

We all have busy lives. Why worry about remembering when to stream? Easily schedule games days or weeks in advance.

Streaming Software 

  • Connect and control your streams via the Gamecast Streaming App from any device

  • No need to download and maintain apps

  • Easy setup. We can help you set up and configure your venues in less than five minutes

  • Monthly or Yearly subscriptions

  • Please contact us for technical support and consultation 

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