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The Capture Systems

At the heart of GAMECAST lies our rugged, weather and sports-proof capture and streaming technology that lets your sports club record, live stream and share games. Video replay is also incredibly effective for coaching purposes, helping to improve individual player skills. (Check out this case study)

It's easy to set up and operate and most importantly affordable to acquire and install.

Be it the quick-to-install, wireless GC-GoPro Kit outfitted with a rugged housing that integrates GoPro cameras, or the remotely managed TitanXD Broadcast System, we have all the streaming solutions and know-how for your needs. 


The team at GAMECAST offers these additional services.

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Streaming & Distribution
Configurations and Consultation

With the live stream capabilities of the GoPro Hero 9, the streaming and distribution options are boundless. Let us help you tailor a streaming solution that fits your needs. Choose from these many options and configurations:

  • Control the stream directly from your ballpark through your mobile app

  • Stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or any RTMP enabled destination

  • Stream HD quality video from a cellular network or dedicated ballpark Wifi

  • Record directly to camera and download and share after the game

  • Use a third-party stream server to start/stop your game streams completely remotley and stream to all your club's social networks at the same time.

  • Pull in live scores and stats from popular apps like as Gamechanger

Please contact us for a streaming solutions consultation.


Media, Design, Training

  • Turnkey graphics packages specific to your club

  • Configuration of social media platforms

  • Training in the use of mobile app, stream server configurations, OBS live switching, Gamechanger score integrations

  • Design and implement sponsorship banners and graphics

  • Produce sponsorship commercials 

Wireless Network and GAMECAST Installation

  • We're currently offering FREE GAMECAST hardware installation, streaming configuration and training with the purchase of a complete system. (SF Bay Area only)

  • Wifi and Mesh network design and installation is available through Fastmetrics, our exclusive ISP partner for the San Francisco Bay Area.

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