GC-GoPro Armor


The GC-GoPro Armor series is a complete turnkey streaming kit. Aside from a GoPro camera, it's all you need to stream baseball games from your ballpark like a Pro.

High above.png

The GC-GoPro Armor kit mounts high above home plate behind the backstop, making it possible to capture the action on the entire field from a birds-eye perspective.


Regular Go-Pro cameras mounted on the fence at eye level behind home plate are useless, as the Umpire blocks most of the views and the low angle prevents a good shot into the outfield.

GC-GoPro Armor System

  • Includes case, cover, clamps, cabling and electronics

  • Designed to work with GoPro Hero cameras (GoPro Camera not included)

  • Weatherproof, rugged polyurethane case with GoPro mounting clamp

  • 360 degrees adjustable heavy-duty pole clamp. (Fits all standard baseball fence poles)

  • GameChanger compatible or stream to any social platform such as Twitch, Facebook, YouTube etc.

  • Shatterproof optical Plexiglas lens shield

  • Impact-reducing, weatherproof neoprene cover (Color: Hunter Green)

  • Multispeed cooling fan

  • 20 foot USB cable and power adaptor

  • Theft prevention

  • Easy installation. Once clamp is mounted, GameCast Housing can be attached/detached with one screw bolt

  • Please email or call us for technical support and consultation ‪(415) 843-1854‬

GC-H9 Kit Quick Setup & Installation

The GAMECAST system is easy to set up and install, usually in less than an hour.


  1. Mount GoPro camera in GAMECAST housing

  2. Mount heavy-duty clamp-on center pole above the backstop

  3. Attach the housing to the clamp

  4. Plug-in USB cables to camera and fan and connect to battery packs or AC adaptors

  5. Adjust angles for optimal field view and tighten screws

  6. Slide Neoprene shock-absorbing cover over the housing

  7. Connect to camera via mobile app and voila, you're ready to stream!